Juicy Strategies Forbidden Tales of Lesbian Adore

Juicy Strategies Forbidden Tales of Lesbian Adore

Most readily useful of Leslita

This site may be the index for an array of a few of our stories that are favorite at Lesbian Lolita. We likewise have another web web page for extremely stories that are hot posted at Other web internet web Sites.

Please be conscious that these types of tales had been posted to your Leslita site years that are many. (Original dates that are posting shown in parentheses. ) The writers might not be visitors here, at the least maybe not yet. Consequently, commentary addressed right to the writers may or may possibly not be read by them. In virtually any instance, enjoy our efforts to emphasize the best of Lesbian Lolita.

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By 1000 Monkeys –

The O Girls, 2 components (July 2011) The bashful girl that is new college receives an offer to become listed on a really exclusive club — but first has to take an initiation challenge.

By a2b –

Love is within the Rain (2008) After a day at the pool, ten-year-olds Sarah and Summer get caught in the rain july.

By Alice –

The Hire (might 2006) whenever a litttle lady of ten hits in the home of professional dominatrix skip Catherine, she’s not here to market the girl snacks.

By Alice Gee –

The urge of Julie, 3 components (July 2008) experiencing a powerful lesbian lust for her daughter’s little buddy, Julie finally chooses to do something positive about it.

By Amanda –

Amanda and Tara, 5 chapters (June 2005) Amanda is startled to get by herself dropping deeply in love with her ten-year-old niece throughout a summer time see.

Emily (September 2005) a woman of ten is fascinated with her big sister’s friend that is best Emily. One day she discovers that Emily features a particular desire for her also.

How My Daughter Converted Me (September 2006) a mother that is single surprised to learn that her twelve-year-old child desires a higher, more intimate closeness than many parents share along with their kiddies.

Indian summer time (June 2005) often birthday celebration desires do become a reality.

She’s simply a kid, 3 components (June 2005) a new woman is introduced to lesbian love by her nearby neighbor.

Starlight Lover, 2 components (September 2006) The tale of the stowaway that is young a starship, along with her budding relationship using the captain associated with the vessel.

Cold temperatures Break (September 2005) fighting shame as being a remnant of her spiritual upbringing, 11-year-old Alex gets love and knowledge from her mom. Specially love.

By A Small Paragon –

Companion Hotel, area 319, 2 components (September 2016) a mom and her little girl search well for a resort that caters to a completely various type of patron.

By Androgyne –

Any occasion Affair, 2 components (July 2009) whenever Lesley sits close to a precocious young nymph for an airplane, it is the start of an astonishing intimate journey.

Kerb Crawl a lesbian that is middle-aged an obsession with driving across the roads of her city, seeking girls to get. This night that is particular become particularly thrilling.

Streetwise, 3 parts (March 2009) Twelve-year-old Kyra reminisces about her introduction to sex that is lesbian plus the lusty shenanigans that then followed.

By A.P. Gilmore –

Trapped (Lesbian Lolita March 2008) Stuck in a elevator within the aftermath of a earthquake, a mother along with her teenager daughter share secrets… then find yourself sharing a lot more.

By April –

The marriage (October 2005) a lady is independently joined in matrimony along with her love that is true nine-year-old child.

By Bad Fred –

Amy’s brand New buddy (October 2009) minimal Amy has no body to try out with, until Veronica comes along.

My Sister Megan: A Playful Tale of Incest (October 2009) using her younger cousin away for a special secret date to commemorate the girl’s birthday that is fifteenth…

Seducing Anne, by Bad Fred (December 2009) Katey and Hailey agree with a competition: which ones can entice the girl that is new into sleep first? It’s a rivalry that is friendly quickly gets complicated.

By Barbie Doll –

Barbie Offers Her Way, 2 components. (August 2006) Twelve-year-old Barbie includes a craving that is serious older females. Here is the tale of exactly how she sees a divorced mom in a retail center, and what the results are afterwards.

By callmeQ67 –

Summertime Love, 7 chapters (April 2009) Two rich residential district lesbians have a great time seducing teenagers that are local. They enjoy being rivals, and 13-year-old Courtney could be the prize that is latest become won.

By Cassandra Blue –

A day that is beautifulMay 2009) An 11-year-old woman fakes being ill so she can remain from college and spending some time with that special someone.

First Light of Day (November 2006) a female in the run returns to a property where she’s not welcome — to take a furtive minute of love with her 11-year-old niece.

Julie’s Burning Temptation (February 2005) Julie has not skilled any type of attraction to a girl that is underage. Now, she can’t assist but be attracted to eleven-year-old Amanda.

A Warm Put, 3 parts (March 2005) After driving driving off the road in a storm, a female discovers by by herself being seduced by an attractive fourteen-year-old woman.

By Chrestomathist –

Melinda + Kendra (August 2008) A grown girl, directly (she believes), discovers by herself dropping difficult for the young teenage woman.

Melinda + Kendra + Jackie (August 2008) the girl is currently associated with a 2nd teenage woman also. But that is not the conclusion.

Melinda + Kendra + Jackie + Jess (August 2008) a set of fourteen-year-old lesbian fans — one of these her own child — and a nevertheless more youthful woman comes into the image.

Melinda + Kendra + Jackie + Jess = Love (August 2008) arriving at terms with incest, with underage sex that is lesbian and loving all of it.

By Connie Lingus –

Daughter’s closest friend, 5 chapters (January 2010) She’d never looked at making love with ladies, not to mention a young woman big butt rough sex. But then her daughter’s friend dropped by…

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